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Contact Details

Michell 083 734 7867
Liesel 082 309 8982
Address: P.O. Box 127, 8006 Sea Point, Western Cape, South Africa

Opening Hours

Our animals are in foster homes, please contact us to arrange a meeting.

Adoption Fee

The cat/kitten adoption fee is R450 including spay or neuter and one inoculation.

Directions to us

Our animals are in foster homes around Cape Town, please contact us to arrange a meeting.

More About us

Our team consists of 3 dedicated full time employees based in the townships and a further contingent of wonderful volunteers predominantly based in Cape Town, most of whom have full-time jobs. All of our volunteers personally visit the townships to tend to animals in need. We are entirely dependent on donations as we receive no funding from the local Municipality.

We understand that it is not always easy for people to simply make monetary donations, therefore most of our fundraising is achieved by arranging entertaining fundraising events where our donors can enjoy themselves and at the same time get to know who we are and what we do purely for the love of animals.

Our aim is to educate township pet owners to better care for their pets. We are constantly fund raising to assist with the medical needs of the animals, particularly with regard to mass sterilisations, feeding programmes and providing shelter to hundreds of animals. Our closest vet is 90kms one-way and we often have to transport ill or injured pets utilising our own vehicles. Ideally, we are aiming to grow by constructing a structure from where we can work. We currently walk door to door, and administer assistance in the street.

To date, we have spayed over 2500 animals, as well as assisting other surrounding towns with medical assistance and manpower for spayathons in their areas. We have also been involved in education programmes for school children aimed at better caring for their pets.

In Vredenburg (known to many as Louwville aka Horrorville), the animals are living in atrocious conditions and are in dire need of assistance. There is a population of approximately 8000 people, with each household owning about 3 dogs that have not yet been sterilised.

Many people ask, What do we need? To be honest, we need just about anything you can think of for an animal; food, food and food, blankets, shelters, money for medicine and veterinary assistance, money to hopefully buy or build a permanent structure from where we can work in the township, and so we could carry on indefinitely..