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Animal Anti Cruelty League Durban

aacljhb pl

Contact Details

Phone: 031 736 9093
Address: 53 Artesia Avenue
Leckhampton Valley

Opening Hours

Monday - Thursday 8am - 3.30pm
Friday 8am - 3pm
Saturday 9am - 2pm
Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays!

Adoption Fee


Directions to us


More About us

The Animal Anti-Cruelty League has been protecting and caring for animals since 1956.  It is the second biggest independent animal welfare organisation in South Africa, and relies entirely upon the generosity and goodwill of the animal-loving public for financial support. 

Ongoing for over 50 years, AACL works mainly in the outlying underprivileged areas. The League does not rely on communities to bring animals to it, but proactively enters into informal shelters and townships to seek out animals in need.

Mobile Dipping Unit
Field workers transport AACL’s mobile dipping trailer to outlying areas in order to offer a free service to communities unable to provide treatment for the eradication of parasites and mange suffered by their animals

Garage Sales
The League’s latest fundraising initiative is a monthly garage sale, which is proving most successful, with income increasing each month. This however could not be achieved without invaluable donations of goods from supporters. Fete to Education is the motto, with all income generated, from the garage sales, being allocated to learner education without the Greater Durban Area.

Learner Education
Animal care education is undertaken in the form of a mobile interactive industrial theatre format presented to learners of all ages in the Greater Durban Area. Instituted in May 2011, in excess of 50 schools and 6 500 learners of all age groups have been reached.

Educational Aids
28 page Children’s Activity Book was designed and produced by AACL Durban Branch Educator Jess Currell. It contains edutainment in the form of puzzles, crosswords, colouring in, and a poster section. All aimed at imparting the five internationally recognised Animal Rights. Fully sponsored by Transnet, these books, together with an Action Hero badge are handed out as prizes during the learner educational road show. We are seeking funding to be able to continue taking this valuable programme into even more schools. If you are interested in supporting the road show please contact Jess Currell on 031 736 9093.

Community Education
Field workers are trained to educate residents in previously disadvantaged areas in the care of their pet.

Feeding Programmes
AACL vehicles deliver food into rural areas on a daily basis to assist those unable to feed their animals The League’s vehicles and personnel are well known and trusted in these outlying areas, enabling freedom of movement amongst residents and animals.

Sterilisation is a priority. Animals are collected, sterilised and returned to owners on a daily basis. Sterilization campaigns are embarked upon, assist other animal welfare organisations whenever funding allows, resulting in up to 300 animals being sterilised over a three day period. Every animal in the League’s care is inoculated against rabies. Rural animals with no access to vaccinations are now assisted free of charge, with grateful thanks to Pfizer Laboratories.

Feral Care
Feeding, trapping and sterilisation programmes are carried out for the control and care of feral cat colonies in the Greater Durban Area.