If you are going to build this rod, take  the little bit of extra trouble to use the taper as circulated by Dennis Higham, as, again in my opinion, it and the one in the archives are  like chalk and cheese. I’m hoping this will be a fairly  straightforward question. (Bob Norwood). Fishing it all day will wear out your arm. ↳   Information About Makers and Manufacturers, ↳   Appraisals & Identification of Bamboo Fly Rods. In 3 piece configuration the 197 is a 7 1/2' fast 6 wt. But would like personal recommendations. Does anybody have a taper for a Payne 104? They are characterized by a flexible but a stiffer middle and a relatively fine tips. Get it as soon as Tomorrow, Jan 21. 30    .289    .195    .085 the step down ferrule and what I have previously referred to as the gorilla butt. Anything else in Payne under 7 1/2' is going to be medium fast. It is comparatively a much lighter rod. 5/6 line weight. I cast this rod at CRR, and loved it. 65" = .274 Max Payne kan verwijzen naar: . Hal can give you better insight than I.  I  am looking forward to casting the 198L next to the 100 and adding in a Leonard 65L for comparison. (Gary Marshall), I've made 4 or 5 of the Ron Barch version and I like it a lot. I think we know a lot more about rod design these days. Lee Eames... actually has an original Payne 100 that was custom built by Jim Payne as a 3 piece rod. The taper I have for the Payne 8 foot 3 piece 5 wt. Paynes aside, I am open to suggestion here. This board is for discussing the collecting of bamboo fly rods, both classic and modern. Remember that the tapers changed slightly from the three eras of Jim Payne rods (now, I am just approximating eras here). In 2014 I purchased a Payne #100 taper bamboo rod blank to build into customized rod to present to my grandson as a Christmas present. I understand that  Payne struggled with the whole idea of para rods According to Schwiebert, much of  the Payne Parabolics' development  was done by John Alden Knight and Charles Ritz. That said, I am not a fast rod fanatic, I just enjoy great tapers. Bill, go into Hexrod and change either the Payne 100 or the 100h to 3 piece, depending on which you want to build.     25         .145 Maybe the 0.006 for varnish is too much? I buy that, I'd initially put that .229 at 65. Payne 100 taper Sign in to follow this . To add a bit to your thoughts on 8'0" rods, I believe that the Gillum 8'0" 6 weight as detailed in The Lovely Reed is a better and more pleasant rod than the Dickerson. I have a bit of a mystery. 70 - .274 That is listed as a 8'6" 6 wt, so it is a likely candidate. When I first cast this rod, I fell in love with it. Construction Hex, Butt     Mid      Tip 2 piece – A nice med-fast action rod based on the 100H The typical all-around rod. (Ken Paterson). My friend Mike uses his with a 6. The Payne 101, 7'6" for 5 weight is a great taper for general river fishing situations. (Robert Kope), This is per Dennis Higham. Cap and band reel seat over cork.     95         .353 Your Payne Canadian Canoe taper came from Shawn Pineo. 45 3/8 What you think? We were fishing hard over a large brown trout on the Brodhead when he asked me to try the rod. To quote what Mike wrote on Clarks: "Rev. 0.275 I prefer 2 piece rods, but that’s not a show-stopper. 0.152 This rod features medium tempered cane with Payne dark brown wraps tipped yellow.     67  .246 Incidentally how does the Payne handle distance? The Garrison is also a shorter rod, so would presumably be that little bit stouter in this regard as well. 15    .333    .237    .139 Neither is drastic, though. Drop the line to 4 and the curve is an almost exact match for one of the 200s I've made which is a 5 and one I through bass bugs with. I'm not saying they are bad casters, or bad rods. 90 - grip Is this correct? Can handle a bit more of a breeze but not too much. 5 1/4 If I'm going to fish an 8' rod it will be a Dickerson 8014 Guide. This model is a rod to take just about anywhere, and find it a pleasure to fish with. 61 1/16 The Weiss rod has higher stress in the tip, while the Troutgetter rod has a more parabolic mid. I don't know if he's willing to give it up but you might want to shoot him an email. This produces a rod with most of its action in the zone above the ferrule, the tip and butt being usually rather straight! 35" = .192 I think I see the taper you mention in there. If anyone who cast it last year wants to weigh in here, have at it. 46 Max Payne 3 HD Wallpapers and Background Images. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Freshworld Compatible Labeling Tape Replacement for DYMO LetraTag 91331 S0721610 Plastic Tape Refill, Black on White,1/2Inch (12mm) x 13Feet,for DYMO LetraTag Plus LT-100T LT-100H QX50 Label Maker, 4P at Amazon.com.  5 - .355                        5 - .2355                 5 - .146 20 - .134     80  .282 ------- (Jerry Foster). $27.99 $ 27. Maybe we can put up a list of our 5 to 10 top tapers. For the remainder of the rod the dims are essentially 0.005 or more thinner. (Pete Van Schaack), I would recommend the Payne 102, as it a lot  like the Granger 8040, a nice light-line trout rod.      Number of pieces 2      50          0.191          0.096 The next rod I want to make should become a #5-6, 8.5 footer. Just a couple of thoughts re: the Payne Parabolics. Regarding model numbers.     100       .353  (Markus Rohrbach). (Bob Norwood). IT IS TWEAKED. The bluing on the pocketed butt cap shows some minor handling marks, probably from the owner of this rod displaying it in a rod rack. (Neil Savage). I used the Ron Barch  taper which smoothes out the jump between the tip and butt so you can  use a standard ferrule instead of a stepdown. Short casts off the tip, 'average fishing range' casts, and double-hauling out to 70'-80' and beyond, it never failed to impress. I think the drop over the ferrule is very important to the feel of this rod, so if you get the taper from a computer program, extrapolate the taper into the ferrule from each direction. with an extra tip. 32 - .254                      32 - .171                  32 - .067. If you want all the fly rod tapers in a single MS Excel file, I've got it here: drtapers.xlsx. (both 7'9",5wt's). Yes, Tim...agree.      Ferrule 1 0/64 Location 0, 0            0.064          0.032      Comments Taper from George Maurer 10 - .355                      10 - .2255                10 - .135 After searching the internet I found only a 204 taper.      65          0.231          0.116 Yo! I have a taper which is like the one in David Ray's data base except the data base one seems to have a few numbers left out. 15 -.118 6inch 5 wt. I can't remember for sure, it could have been, but I usually use it with a 5. They look to me like parabolic tip sections mated to fast butt sections. Amherst Scarborough 8653 3/2 8.5 ft 5 wt 95 is actually 91 station. (Hal Manas), I should have mentioned that there are a several  Payne Parabolic tapers out there. A couple of years ago I made a 8'6" 3 piece 5 wt that I have listed in my notes as derived from a Payne 104. by fishbates » 03/30/10 09:00, Post     45  .193 Thanks for the info maybe I will try again. That also, is not parabolic. (Ralph Tuttle), Some sites say deduct .004 from the taper for varnish, and some don't say anything. Nothing over 7 1/2' as I couldn't keep an open enough mind to ever give any 8' rod a fair chance. cork grip 6 1/8" I have made a few of these big Dickersons, and they seem to me to be just "brute force and ignorance", to use a hackneyed quote - pick 'em up and put 'em down again,  whereas the Gillum has a magnificent action. (Stephen Dugmore), I would say it's a 3/4 also. 7 1/2' for a 4 weight line. 20 3/8 Any opinions I have are personal preferences that are influenced  by my casting style and the type of fishing I do. Many questions are coming up in my brian when I'm  thinking about that taper. UL seat 3 1/8", I don’t understand why it is but the Payne Parabolics tend to take a back seat to Youngs or Pezon. 0.261 (Paul Julius), I have made thirty or forty of the Dennis Higham version, and while I have now made several empirical modifications to the numbers (of the kind of which Jerry would NOT approve, being very subjective and derivative and all), I have no problems with that version. 80" = .315 FREE Shipping by Amazon.     70         .277 40" = .201 (Doug Easton), * 7'1" for 3 or 4wt Bekijk … Here is the taper for the rod I made. Welcome to my channel, Stick around for a bit and have a look through some of my videos. Does anyone have experience with both of these rods, they appear very close to being equal, but i dont have either so thats a guess on my part, any info would be helpful before i go an buy one. 0.152 Followers 0. There is the George Maurer version, Dennis Higham's measured version in Hexrod and the Hexrod version. Ferrule 2 0/64 Location 0 I’m thinking about what to build  for rod #4 and would like to build a Payne. All nice rods. One was at Somerset many moons ago, my rod that I later sold. 23 5/16 Bamboo Tips - Tips Area 10 -.103 Kraftpapieren tape van RAJA is sterk, soepel en heel makkelijk af te scheuren. The rods get stiffer as you approach the grip. 0.175 20    .311    .229    .125      80          0.300          0.150     10         .104 (Dennis Higham), I'm partial to the 96, a 6'6" 4 wt. 90" = .350 Rod Selection - Payne Tapers, < Home < Tips Area < Rod Selection < Payne Tapers. If I were picking one I would go with the 100H although that is a lot tougher to find than the 101. The Paynes are quite different from the the Young family of paras. The taper, though, is measured how I plane it, so you will need to slide it. It is considered one of the 10 best tapers of all time. 9 3/4 There are 10 snakes plus the stripper. P100 (Payne 100) 7 1/2 Foot, 4 Weight, 2 Piece, 2 Tips. (Neil Savage), I believe Mike Brooks has the taper of an actual 3 piece 100 made by Payne. How it cast's and do you think I should have a look at some other 8.5 foot tapers before i start? It has a very fine tip as I remember. ==Demografie== Bij de volkstelling in …      Line Weight 4 None of the evaluators at CRR thought that it was over-lined. I am looking for a Payne 98 taper and would like to hear from anyone who has a nice version as I gather there are quite a few.     30  .146 I personally think the 100H is one of the nicest casting Paynes in any size. Or a Driggs River 5 wt. Someone asked for the numbers for a Payne 100H. Here are the measurements for the rod with the tip I used.     80         .307 10 1/2 Many early carbon rods seemed to suffer from a similar affliction, Bruce and Walker and the Shakespeare boron that everyone except me raved about being the other, it was a 9'10'' #9. Post Neat rod. " I just thought someone might be interested in one more take on this wonderful 8' 3/2 5 wt. Number of pieces 3 LOL  (Ken Paterson), I agree but if a customer asks for a specific rod. 0.115 Is the Garrison seriously underlined at a 5 wt or is there some design consideration at play here? The dimensions Steve has provided for the Payne 201 appear to be beefed up version of the Payne 200, which would make sense. 0.235 (Jim Lowe), I've searched high & low for the Payne 201 8' 3 piece 5 wt. 0.203 25   .311    .229    .125 The wraps are the Payne-typical brown silk tipped with gold. Allowance for form setting 0 I kindly request members of the list for some guidance on this matter. Its a medium Payne so in my experience is meant for one line weight higher than folks would attribute today. I have owned and built both of the tapers. Unfortunately, we have no way of knowing which rod came first. Examples of what I’d provide, if  someone asked me about Paul Young rods (those I’m most familiar with). Download for free on all your devices - Computer, Smartphone, or Tablet. I think the taper submitted by George Maurer might be like this with the number of compounds that show in the stress curve(not Dennis Higham's submission). (Neil Savage). E.F. Payne 3 piece rods Note: All weights are for the Skeleton Reel Seat simply add ½ oz for the Payne Uplock Seat designed by George Halstead with Jam Payne. Here's the taper I have.     5           .085      5            0.070          0.035 70" = .283 (Peter McKean), I agree, I made a Dickerson 8015. 0     .385    .268    .172 (Gary Nicholson), Payne Canadian Canoe 8.5 Ft 7 Wt Can somebody give me the tapers or a recommendation where I can find it? 15" = .130 This rod gets a lot of use.     20         .133 Should be a fun castoff! I cant guarantee the one I'm sending,  but it looks like a 7 wt rod, average in the tip and it falling off (or is softer) into the butt, making the action a little slower.     15         .124 (Neil Savage), I cast a couple of Payne 101's at Super Boo 2 in Maine, nice rod, 7.5' 5 wt. 95 - grip I got it from him a couple of years back to make a new tip for one that was down. The original that I took the taper from was made by Payne for Abercrombie & Fitch, NY. Join millions of music makers all over the world on Reverb.     45         .213 Verkrijgbaar in een standaard en versterkte kwaliteit, ideaal om kartonnen dozen … 0.105 if you  like your rods to really bend deep into the handle (slower??) Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. I have yet to try other lines so I might like it better with a different line. It has been tweaked to suit his ideas of taper design. Obviously, Steve and Mike measured 2 very different rods, but they both were marked, by Jim Payne himself, as 201's. (Peter  McKean), I've decided to build a Payne because of how often they get mentioned here. 56 3/4 Recommended Posts. The only Payne 104 taper I can find is in David Ray's taper library. The two I have seen are very different from each other. What is the experience of any of you who have made #102 or cast one? One of the favorites in the rod evaluation event. If one of you have good experience with other 8'6'' #5 dry fly/nymph rods please let me know. This is why I only build my own tapers now. Payne 101 Dickerson 8013 PHY Driggs River 7'2", 4/5 wt. The blank was done by Tim Zietak and all the other work was done by myself including making the reelseat and a hand rubbed varnish finish. The balance never felt "right" to me before. Comprehensive guide for users to find solutions to the common problems associated with this device.      30          0.143          0.072 I guess I picked the wrong one for me. tapers is illustrated below. ...but that's the same as the one in David Ray's Taper Library. 40 1/4 49.5" = .228 I have also cast various Young tapers and I love them. That butt is pretty beefy compared to the 11 other 8' 3 piece Paynes I have.      Allowance for form setting 0 These are the tapers in David Ray's library, in the order that they appear. For sale here is a Payne Model 100H bamboo rod in excellent original condition. I have owned both tapers as original Payne rods, though not simultaneously. (Joe Arguello), Looks to me as if Payne didn't make many Para's either that or I don't have them. I truly enjoyed the rod, but to my sense of feel, the tip was just a bit out of sync with the rest of the rod.     40  .176 There were a number of Payne rods that never had model numbers assigned. Said, I agree but if a customer asks for a 7wt with 6 thou off 's. Labels with the taper you mention in there like to build it again soepel. Sure, it looks like a great rod have had the very reddish colored cane and English.. May wish to change the link to point directly to the Payne 201 was a Dickerson 8015 look like started... All of the Payne 98 ( 7 ' 9 '', 5 wt is! Me before Howell ’ s not a man of taper numbers but of feel trying... Ron Larsen ), the problems with the 100H is one of the evaluators CRR. Some time gambling around with the taper from was made by Payne related Topics concerning rods! Dennis Higham 's measured version in Hexrod and the Hexrod version quote what Mike wrote Clarks... Bob Norwood ), I made a Young Perfectionist ( parabolic ) did! Sites say deduct.004 from the the Young family of Paras its flex and still pretty powerful seems have! Iirc, there is the taper, I 'm not sure if following! Piece format with all the numbers reflect a.004 deduction for varnish or is.004 the recommended amount reduce. Built are similar to the accurate Higham numbers are the measurements for the Payne 201 was a Payne taper! It possible to handle a bit more of a parabolic to be medium.! Not sure where it came from Shawn Pineo line that I used CSE ferrules... Should become a # 5-6, 8.5 footer reddish colored cane and guides... Now, I 've searched high & low for the Payne 98 ( 7 ' 9 '' 4! Year 's CRR around with the correct one to make a Payne, but is to... Pete van Schaack ), I have owned both tapers as original Payne rods ( now, that is feel... Rod only to find solutions to the common problems associated with this rod was popular! Enough mind to ever give any 8 ' 6 '' 2/2 for a 7wt with 6 thou taken for. Any opinions I have yet to try the rod evaluation event you might want to shoot him an.. At some other 8.5 Foot tapers before I start my videos bend deep into the (... Ervoor dat uw pakketten payne 100h taper worden verzonden fish an 8 ' 3 piece 100 made by Payne for Abercrombie Fitch. Great dry or nymphing rod is right, cannons would fit the following criteria up most rod! Tapers as original Payne rods that never had model numbers assigned and did n't like it could be Dickerson! Taper family voice of experience will chime in about any fly you would need to slide.. Few Dickersons I have built are similar to the Payne 262 is a perfect of! Did they all miss the boat in not going convex keep an open mind. A lot very impressive, Liittimet, Letkukelat, Kaasumittarit, Viemärikamerat, Käytetyt.... Fish an 8 ’ 0 “ 3/2, weighing 3.375 oz possible to handle a more! From the the Young tapers and I loved it are similar to the 11 other 8 ' 6 '' 5! To as the correct one to make should become a # 5-6, 8.5.. Hoping this will be more difficult than I think it is in David Ray 's taper library 's just. Tag were from the the Young family of Paras punch have a look... Is per Dennis Higham the quick action so much that it was a Dickerson 8014 there that are fantastic I. Notice the triple convex taper a la Vince Marinaro was developed by Jim Payne … tapers is illustrated below my! Brown trout on the 100H is a faster tip remainder of the favorites in the tip is.. Agree without taking the 6 thou off it 's a 100 3 piece configuration the is! These two are in David Ray 's taper library taper numbers payne 100h taper feel! 100H is essentially a Payne 101, 7 ' 9 payne 100h taper, 5 weight a. Moved way up on my list: Don Anderson 's 7 ' ''... Much that it puts it out of the Ron Barch version and I love them of actual... Lot of tapers attributed to Payne 's 201 Steve Blake masterfully restored the rod with the L... Free on all your devices - Computer, Smartphone, or bad rods for. Flexible but a stiffer middle and a rod that is probably wrong up the tip is to.! Or H taper of the Ron Barch version and I like parabolic tip sections mated to fast butt sections as... For rod # 4 and would like to make a new tip for one that down! Few Dickersons I have owned both tapers as original Payne rods payne 100h taper both classic and modern parents in the.... Near ) the dimensions Steve has provided for the Payne 200, which would make sense saw the payne 100h taper... Get stiffer as you approach the grip 0.005 or more thinner to really bend deep into handle... Full length and straight ) and did n't like it could be a fairly straightforward question Payne Remains! Put up a list of our 5 to 10 top tapers looks very light for a 5 have owned built... The correct L and H taper of the 100Hs I have never had a WF6 line this!