Doctor Who Season 10 Release Date: Spoilers, Trailer, Rumors, Cast, News and Updates: Doctor Who season 10 has made to wait more than 12 months now.The fans … “And as far as the next Doctor is concerned, according to my source it is still up in the air whether it is going to be a male of a female. Morning Spoilers If there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here. Copyright 2018, Bounding Into Comics. The rumors and whisperings began after episode 9 of this season, “Ascension of the Cybermen,” when Graham said one line in particular during … In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Whittaker explained her sadness filming the holiday special due to the departure of Walsh and Cole, but that she's also not even considering anything outside of her role as the Doctor. What do you make of this latest rumor about Doctor Who? A Doctor Who Season 26 collection is being released on December 23 and the show celebrated with a wicked new trailer starring a blast from the past. Given the complexity of making Doctor Who, and with new and rigorous COVID working protocols, it’s going to take us a little longer to film each episode, meaning we expect to end up with eight episodes, rather than the usual 11. He is a massive Washington Capitals fan, lover of history, and likes to dabble in economics and philosophy. Doctor Who news: The Judoon are returning to meet the Thirteenth Doctor in Series 12! Two lost Doctor Who stories from the 1960s are being revived in animated form. What rumors am I referring to? Well, they will add on to it, but they aren’t going to retcon it any time soon. Jodie Whittaker is a thrill to watch in Doctor Who: Orphan 55. For the first time in 54 years, the BBC announced The Doctor will be played by a woman. The rumor comes from YouTuber Gary Buechler of Nerdrotic. Obviously, no decision has been made and one might not be made for years. by James Aggas 1 year ago. The rumor comes from YouTuber Gary Buechler of Nerdrotic. Thankfully, a … "As far as I'm concerned, right now, I'm the Doctor and that's taking up everything of me, as an actor," Whittaker said. Rumours have been circulating that Doctor Who Showrunner Chris Chibnall and the Doctor herself, Jodie Whittaker, have quit. Not only does the rumor detail Whittaker’s Doctor will lecture Tennant, but it details that showrunner Chris Chibnall and actress Jodie Whittaker will remain on Doctor Who contrary to previous rumors.. Doomcock states, “According to this source, contrary to rumors it seems that Chibnall and Whittaker are not leaving the show.” All rights reserved. Yes, we’ve heard this before. Oh, the ones stating that showrunner Chris Chibnall and Thirteenth Doctor Jodie Whittaker are leaving the series. By Nicole Drum Its viewership was 4.6 million. I don’t work at the BBC.”, He adds, “But this does come from the same source who told me that they would be swapping the Doctor’s original gender. Doctor Who, the BBC's hit sci-fi series, originally aired between 1963 and 1989, before returning in 2005. Classic Who fans rejoice! In the United States, Doctor Who Series 12 saw 790,000 people tune in to watch “Spyfall: Part One.” By “Timeless Children,” viewership was down to 374,000. The first episode of Series 12 titled “Spyfall: Part One” saw 6.89 million watch. of the upcoming 13th season of the popular series, Whittaker explained her sadness filming the holiday special due, Doctor Who Star Jodie Whittaker, BBC Respond to Rumors the Actress Is Quitting, Everything Coming to Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max, Hulu & Amazon Prime Video in January 2021, WandaVision Episodes 1 and 2 Recap Released Ahead of New Episode 3, The Stand EP Breaks Down Harold and Frannie's Confrontation in "The Vigil", Lost and Babylon 5 Star Mira Furlan Dies at 65, Jeffrey Dean Morgan Reacts to Supernatural Co-Star Jared Padalecki's Walker Reboot: "I'm Damn Proud", The Stand: How "The Vigil" Differs from Stephen King's Book, Legacies EP Breaks Down that Shocking Season 3 Premiere Ending, Legacies EP Talks that Surprising Rafael Reveal in "We're Not Worthy". A new Doctor Who rumor details that current Doctor Who actor Jodie Whittaker and showrunner Chris Chibnall are out after Series 13. Jodie Whittaker has been discussing her return to the role of The Doctor for her second spin through time and space, and has revealed that she … 08/01/2021 Doctor Who and Game of Thrones Easter eggs spotted in The Expanse season 5. Jodie Whittaker’s reveal as the Thirteenth Doctor was announced in a short introduction video in mid-July and was met with strong opinions. Jo Martin’s Doctor isn’t ‘official’ Doctor Who canon – and all the better for it. The original script saw the Doctor trapped in 1967 and trying to communicate with the present via cryptic DVD easter eggs. A new Doctor Who rumor details that current Doctor Who actor Jodie Whittaker and showrunner Chris Chibnall are out after Series 13. Just days after the Doctor Who special, Doctor Who: Revolution of the Daleks, debuted, rumors began to swirl that Jodie Whittaker is leaving her role as the … Timelord spotted in Barry: find out more about Doctor Who locations in Wales Barry & District News, Wales 12:31 14-Jan-21 Doctor Who Joined Capitol Attacks Leads a Far-Right Campaign Against Covid-19 Vaccine The Intercept 12:10 14-Jan-21 Related: Doctor Who Executive Producer Matt Strevens Defends The Show After Fan Criticism, Buechler states, “Well, I’ve got some of those rumors to talk about. On Sunday, The Mirror ran a report that Whittaker would be ending her Doctor Who run at the end of the upcoming 13th season of the popular series, citing insiders who claimed her departure was "hush-hush" and "top secret" and that Whittaker was looking to move on to other roles with the source also noting that while Whittaker's Doctor Who co-stars Bradley Walsh and Tosin Cole were departing, while showrunner Chris Chibnall will remain. This, thankfully, is … As for the upcoming Season 13, it will be a bit shorter than expected, thanks to COVID-19. She stated, “I think I’m allowed to say, yes, the festive special has been filmed!”, She added, “It was absolutely pure luck we happened to have filmed it. Former Doctor Who stars Keeley Hawes (Madame Karabraxos) and Noel Clarke (Mickey Smith) reveal what they took from the set. If Whittaker does stay on after the next season of Doctor Who, she will have the longest tenure of any modern Doctor actor. Doctor Who news: The Fifth Doctor is reunited with the Graceless twins in Wicked Sisters – out now! The last time viewership was that low was The Trial of A Time Lord (Mindwarp): Part Six back in October 1986. Carey Mulligan reflects on her Doctor Who time. Doctor Who tanked in the ratings especially in the United Kingdom. Buechler states, “Well, I’ve got some of those rumors to talk about. By the final episode “The Timeless Children” viewership was down to 4.69 million. - January 3, 2021 08:40 pm EST, Just days after the Doctor Who special, Doctor Who: Revolution of the Daleks, debuted, rumors began to swirl that Jodie Whittaker is leaving her role as the 13th doctor after its forthcoming 13th season with a report from The Mirror that the actress is planning to quit the series. The season averaged 518,000 viewers with a .13 rating in the 18-49 demographic according to TV Series Finale. However, the statement was released without Eccleston's consent and falsely attributed the choice to Eccleston himself. “In this strangest of years, the Doctor Who production team have worked wonders to get the show back into production," showrunner Chris Chibnall said previously in a statement. It all started with a rumor published by British tabloid The Daily Mirror, which recently declared that Whittaker is planning to leave Doctor Who at the end of the show’s upcoming 13th season. Related: Locke & Key Creator Joe Hill Rejected By Doctor Who Because He’s American. Doctor Who star broke his back in three places after falling off bull. In an interview in the March 2020 issue Pilot TV magazine, Doctor Who showrunner Chris Chibnall confirmed what we previously reported, that an episode of Doctor Who Series 12 will feature Frankenstein author Mary Shelley. 03:03. New Couple Alert? There had been some rumors and mentions of … Mandip Gill, who plays Yasmin Khan in Doctor Who, confirmed to Radio Times that they had already filmed the special. Copyright 2020 Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. So don’t get your hopes up.”, Related: BBC’s Piers Wenger Defends Doctor Who Despite Sinking Ratings: “I Don’t Think It’s Been In Better Health Editorially”, Later on Buechler states, “My source can confirm that not everyone is happy with the direction of Doctor Who and despite what the BBC says publicly they are not happy with the ratings, but they are very happy with the show editorially.”. Emilia Clarke Spotted With Matt Smith in London. For everyone around the world, this is a challenging period – but the Doctor never shirks from a challenge!”. And I doubt the show could even survive that,” Buechler elaborates. Starburst Magazine reported back in 2018 that Jodie Whittaker and Chris Chibnall might be leaving after Season 12 that obviously didn’t happen although we have seen Series 13 yet.”, Related: The BBC Complaints Department Responds To Doctor Who Backlash – Viewership Continues To Nosedive, He continues, “Now, we saw some evidence earlier in the year that they were thinking about splitting the season and it looks like according to my source due to the impending delay that might happen and it might be split into two separate seasons while filming it all at once. It looks like Chris Chibnall and the first female Doctor, played by Jodie Whittaker, who we will lovingly call Doctor Karen, might be on their way out.”, Later in the video, Buechler explains that this is a rumor. Initial rumors suggested Eccleston had decided to stay on for only one season in order to avoid being typecast as the Doctor. For Nicholas Stark, MD, the spread of COVID-19 rumors and misinformation hits home, literally: Although he has labored in the emergency room at UCSF Health in San Francisco to save victims of the disease, many of his relatives and neighbors where he grew up in South Dakota dismiss warnings about the pandemic as “part of a corrupt agenda that is weakening our society.” Reviews. All the latest and hottest Doctor Who The Edge Of Time news and rumors. By subscribing, you agree to receive email communication from Bounding Into Comics. We will see when and if that actually happens.”. Who news from who is the new Doctor Who to cast gossip, Dr Who spoilers and pictures. "We’re thrilled to be back making the show. More Strange Rumors About Doctor Who's Next Doctor. Yes, Martin’s new Doc might cause timeline troubles. The Doctor Who rumor mill is spinning again, this time claiming that the next season of the show will see star Jodie Whittaker leave along with showrunner Chris Chibnall. Since its beginning, Doctor Who portrayed the character as a male and casting speculations strongly suggested that it would remain that way. (Image: screencap) Mulligan's Sally Sparrow was introduced in the Steven Moffat-written 10th … Whittaker's predecessor Peter Capaldi, as well as David Tennant and Matt Smith all did three seasons as the Doctor. John is the Editor-in-Chief here at Bounding Into Comics. Doctor Who Season 11 News: Casting and Guest Star Rumors Whittaker was first announced as the next Doctor on July 16, 2017. "And to think something beyond that, I can't put my head there, and I don't want to.". However, Whittaker herself has recently indicated the opposite. That the Doctor would originally be a female and that they would be retconning the Doctor’s past and that is what we saw play out in “The Timeless Children.”, Buechler then gets into the details of the rumor, “According to my source this will indeed be Chris Chibnall and Jodie Whittaker’s final season on Doctor Who. I guess it’s the way it always films – they filmed the special at the same time as series 12.”. But rest assured, the ambition, humor, fun and scares you expect from Doctor Who will all still be firmly in place. All the latest and hottest Doctor Who Infinity news and rumors. Reviews. Doctor Who will continue with the festive special Revolution of the Daleks. Should Whittaker come back for Season 14, that would give her four full seasons as the Doctor. The latest Game of Thrones recaps, season reviews, spoilers, episode rankings, podcasts and more. He states, “As with all rumors please take this with a grain of salt, but sometimes rumors can become stories, but I can’t verify any of this. 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Production on Season 13 of Doctor Who is underway. The BBC released a statement shortly after Eccleston's episodes began to air, saying the actor had decided to leave the role for this reason. Disclosure Information: Some of the organizations with products on our site may pay us a referral fee or affiliate commission when you click to apply for those products. Doctor Who actor David Tennant, 48, and his wife Georgia Tennant, 34, thanked the NHS for caring for their newborn who spent six days in A&E following an emergency. He goes on to detail that the events of The Timeless Children will not be retconned, “Are the events of The Timeless Children going to remain canon or are they going to retcon it? When asked if he keeps a list of historical figures he’d like to feature in Doctor Who, Chris Chibnall stated: … > In light of the news that Alfred Molina is reportedly returning for Spider-Man 3 and in light of ... Top News Videos for doctor who news and rumors. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Doctor Who news: Season 13 has begun filming and will have just 8 episodes Tosin Cole, who plays Doctor Who companion Ryan Sinclair, lands a lead role in upcoming AMC series 61st Street, prompting fans to speculate about his future with the BBC show.Cole joined at the start of season 11, along with Jodie Whittaker as the 13th Doctor, and fellow companions played by Bradley Walsh and Mandip Gill. From Lannisters to Starks, we have you covered. She is the first female Doctor and will assume the role of the 13th Doctor (although she will be the 14th incarnation of the same Time Lord). Now, The BBC has responded to that report (via Digital Spy), stating "We won't be commenting on any speculation around Jodie's future on the show.".