If they brought the baby home, scheduled the baptism for two weeks later, and the baby starts getting sick, baptize the baby then and there.” I later learned that he received First Communion. Because, certainly, if there were any imminent danger to the child, then absolutely the parents should baptize the baby then and there. You are really doing a wonderful service by having this web site. We did designate Godparents afterwards, and their names are on the baptismal certificate, but it is noted "not present". Ohhh good point Tess, I hadn't thought about that. He recalls the old episode of the sitcom “All in the Family,” where Archie Bunker baptizes his grandson on his own because his parents don’t want him to be baptized. Only files 8MB or smaller of the following types are supported: JPEG, PNG, GIF. What is required is that there is some founded hope of the child being raised in the faith. 4. The role of godparent becomes official upon baptism of the child in question. There are many situations where we would baptize the child without requiring the couple to get married. I hope it helps you. If everything is fine with the baby, they usually wait forty days. Catholics do baptize, that's why it's called baptism. This time is given to the mother of the newborn for purification. So is it possible for my in-laws to take our son to be baptized at their church without us being involved in the ceremony? I'm Catholic and my DH (dear husband) is in the process of going thru RCIA, and we're expecting our 1st in January. My husband and I were is a similar situation with two of our children, we just didn’t know anyone we felt could have that relationship with our family. If what you are looking for are guardians for your child in case something happens to you. Nicole Fabian-Weber. My dh is not baptised. My mother says that the child could fall down the steps and die(I’m telling you what she replied to me when I brought up this point)and that this is reason enough to Baptize. sure you can choose godparents without a baptism but there will be nothing official on paper saying the people you picked are godparents. you need one but no one needs to be present.. you can have a proxy stand in at the actual ceremony. Will a pastor baptize him without them? So do not despair those parents who have have serious issues when choosing godparents. Of course, every mom and dad want their children were good godparents. From my understanding, because we are not recognized by the Catholic church as married, we can't baptize our child. There are many reasons why it might be necessary to change a child's godparent, such as the chosen godparents moving away or even dying. Our closest friends aren't even Christian. It has been added as a desirable practice by man. By . But I’m going to put a little footnote on it. Definitely contact the priest and find out before you get your heart set on anything. Even a layperson, such as a midwife, the parents, etc., can baptize, as long as they use the correct form (water), and formula (In the Name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit), and intend what the Church intends by baptism. I don't think they would have refused to baptize my son for the absence of Godparents, the priest didn't even ask. My parents did something of the sort because they were away from family and friends when I was a baby and I'm still Catholic. Can our child be baptized in a Catholic church without Godparents? For the fastest help on, More posts in "Catholic Christian Families" group, Create a post in "Catholic Christian Families" group, the most helpful and trustworthy pregnancy and parenting information. If you intend to baptize your child or belong to a specific religious denomination, your church may have particular criteria when it comes to who can serve as a godparent. Therefore, physiological parents is sensitive to the choice of godparents for your baby. Reply. However, not always physiological fathers and mothers could choose godparents for your baby. For baptizing babies, typically the family will stand with you in front of the congregation, often times holding the child during the baptism. I do not feel comfortable with the baptism nor do I want to lie to the church about raising my child Catholic or Christian for that matter. Neither of us came from extremely religious households per se, but our parents liked them some traditions. Thank you for your advice and feedback in advance. Shame on the above poster for using that language it's unnecessary and your child is gift, and maybe he is a bastard - adj : an offensive or disagreeable person! You should talk with the priest and see what they're willing to do. Here we look at whether at how many a kid can have and what their rights are\b… For godparents, parents have a responsibility before God for the spiritual upbringing and the churching of the infant receiving Holy baptism. Your status doesn't matter, and they won't judge you. Is it possible in this case to have a child baptized at the age of seven years? We both made our Communions and Confirmations, as well. The Orthodox Church advises every baby to have godparents. This product is matched to user comments in this post. John 3:5 Jesus answered, "Amen, amen, I say to you, no one can enter the kingdom of God without … Because godparents represent the faith community during baptism ceremonies, some faiths may require one or both godparents to be of the same denomination or in good standing with the church first. Historically, in the event of the child's imminent death, the child could (theoretically) be baptized immediately on birth, with no godparents, or "proxy" godparents present. If you have family or friends elsewhere who would be good godparents, you can have local people stand in as proxies. Yes, you can still baptize your child in the Church even if you’re not yet married by it. Hi- My hubby and I are currently living in Bangkok, and are expecting our 1st child in January. We, on the other hand, do not. Father Dave explains that this question most often comes up when a grandparent is concerned that a grandchild won’t be baptized. Parenting. Regarding “godparents” or “sponsors,” keep in mind that this is a custom of the church that is neither commanded nor forbidden in Scripture. I have had this matter on my mind and wanted to put it to rest. Just call your church's office! I had always assumed that you can’t baptize a baby without at least one parent’s consent, so I thought the hospital would simply say, “Don’t worry, we’re not allowed to do that anyway!” But the wording of the hospital administrators’ response seemed to suggest that they really could baptize a sick baby if they wanted to. Published Mar 28, 2012. Baptism of a child without godparents - read in our article, can the christening of a baby be like this, and what rules should parents follow. Step 1. Why? Patrick responded by saying, “This is one of those tricky gray areas. On the other issue, you can wait. I’m really concerned though about finding godparents for our baby and am worried that we’ll be denied baptism because of lack of godparents. If I were you, I would consult with the priest who is instructing you at your Baptism classes. can i baptize my son without godparents present? He does believe, but doesn't feel ready for adult baptism and confirmation classes. Godparents It is good if the godparents can be adult Catholics who will take an interest in your baby as he or she grows up. My godparents had been my parents’ closest friends, but none of them had any sort of relationship with each other. ... We had a similar problem in finding Catholic friends who could be godparents. I just can't stand the in fighting and pettiness of choosing godparents. I am divorced and my children were baptized. I did it before and it helped me a great deal, to the point of getting reunited with my Faith and ending up marrying through the Church. I wanted to foster relationships like this for my child too, but the selection process proved difficult. There can be up to two godparents, a male and a female, for a single child. This means that the latter must themselves understand the basics of the Orthodox faith. Hi- I was just wondering if anyone knew if a baby could be baptized without godparents? With thousands of award-winning articles and community groups, you can track your pregnancy and baby's growth, get answers to your toughest questions, and connect with moms, dads, and expectant parents just like you. jmcrae August 29 , 2011, 6:53pm #2. Can my child have a Catholic baptism without godparents? While there are many variants on the rite, here are some basic steps to follow when performing a baptism: The participant should wear white. The child's not his fault that he is not worthy godparents. I want to be involved in all aspects of my son's religious upbringing. When parents choose a name for their child, they consider it proiznosyat, euphony and harmony... Is it possible to baptize a baby without godparents, Do you need godparents at the baptism of an adult. No, children need godparents so you can’t have a baptism without them. Thank you very much, Rachel Martinez A child has the right to be baptized if the parents are willing to do the best they can to bring up the child as Catholic, even if only one does. You should wait until the child is old enough to make a decision for or against Christ. To be permitted to take on the function of sponsor a person must: be designated by the one to be baptized, by the parents or the person who takes their place, or in their absence by the pastor or minister and have the aptitude and intention of fulfilling this function; It is for this reason that one of the first steps in the first year of a baby’s life is his baptism. And this, unfortunately, is not always the case. Having a 'sponsor' is not Biblical. I find it unfair that someone who never goes to church and was baptised as an infant can be a godparent, but my husband can't. Is it possible to baptize a baby without godparents; Who can be a godfather; Do you need godparents at the baptism of an adult; How to baptize a child; For godparents, parents have a responsibility before God for the spiritual upbringing and the churching of the infant receiving Holy baptism. Well since the sacrament of Baptism is required by Jesus to enter the kingdom of heaven (being born again) Catholics do not prevent children from coming to him, we baptize them. Even if worthy of the godfather of the baby will not find the baptism will be done. They must … However, the Orthodox canons do not forbid in case of not having the passion to perform the sacrament of baptism on an infant. We ended up finding out a couple of long time friends, who currently aren't religious, were Catholic. Therefore, the Church has no right to deprive the baby the opportunity to take the sacrament and Christ combined. Otherwise, if a priest is ready to baptize the baby he can suggest people who might be good godparents. You can just use any old water and if you use the words, ‘I baptize you in the same of the Father, the Son, and Holy Spirit,’ then yes, it counts as a Christian baptism recognized by the Catholic Church. My ex-wife returned to the Catholic Church after 25 years as a Mormon, and had our son baptized a Catholic without my knowledge.When I found out I asked the priest not to administer Catholic sacraments to my son without my consent. We also had my sister-in-law stand in for my friend who couldn't make it. Plus, we'll be returning overseas so if we chose one of them, they wouldn't be involved in his life really anyways. The priest refused because the parents had not been attending Mass. For example, the question may arise in front of mom and dad: what if no friends among the worthy cross? i really want to have my son baptized but am unsure as to whether or not they will allow it without having any godparents. My child was baptized in the NICU with just my husband and I there - they wheeled my entire hospital bed into the nicu after my csection so I could be present. How someone can do that to a child is really beyond me. Warm regards. ... 4 Video: Is it possible to baptize a child without godparents; Often people say that having a baby is a gift from God. I plan to write to his former godparents and tell them that I intend to use my sister. … Also, "not Biblical" is not a Catholic standard, since we do not believe that everything important is found explicitly in the Bible. Only in danger of death can (correction, may) a child be baptized without the parents’ consent. FAB August 29, 2011, 6:54pm #3. I’ll give birth here in Thailand, and our baby will be baptized here at a local church. BabyCenter is committed to providing the most helpful and trustworthy pregnancy and parenting information in the world. Just so you know, we may earn a commission if you buy something we've linked to here. We actually found godparents for them when they were six and seven. I want to get him baptized, but I do not have special Lutheran people in my life to ask to be my son's godparents. The question that worries any parents is how early can a child be baptized? BabyCenter aims to share products and services we hope you'll find interesting and helpful. GODPARENTS often play a big part in a child’s life or, at the very least, turn up with gifts on their birthday. Some members of the clergy and did suggest to bring a child to baptism without godparents, godparents than parents who know nothing about the Orthodox faith. No, children need godparents so you can’t have a baptism without them. Later on when infant baptism became usual, the godparents often took the role of guardians of the child if anything happened to the parents. DesertChildAZ: My husband (a non … All catholic priest will baptize your son. In the Orthodox tradition, all children up to seven years, receiving the sacrament of baptism, should be the godparents. About a year ago, I listened to a priest tell the story of how a relative of his asked him to baptize their infant child. We live overseas, but the baby will be born in the U.S. and I'd like to have him baptized before we return abroad in the parish where I was confirmed so family can attend. But in any case, yes I would truly recommend you to baptize your child in the church as he/she will receive many graces and will be welcome into the church. I was baptized when I was a baby, and so was my husband. Q. Common Reasons for Wanting To Baptise Your Child Without Godparents. When can I baptize a baby? You are passing a message to a BabyCenter staff member. Therefore, physiological parents is sensitive to the choice of godparents for your baby. We're the only Catholics in our families, and I know a few people at church (the church I want to baptize him in), but really don't have a relationship with them outside of church. By all means, do contact one of our pastors to arrange for the baptism of your son. Get expert guidance from the world's #1 pregnancy and parenting resource, delivered via email, our apps, and website. 3: if the location of the baptism poses an obstacle to the godparents being present, two people can stand in as proxy for them at the baptism itself (So, if Jim and June are the godparents but can’t travel, Hugh and Hannah can act in their stead symbolically at the baptism, but Jim and June are still the godparents). Barbara Miner says: January 2, 2015 at 2:57 am Try St Josephs University Parish on Main St. As long as u join the church and take the class I think you’re ok. Also, some parishes only do baptisms once a month or once a quarter or whatever so you may be assuming you can even get a baptism done during the time frame you have. My husband and I were is a similar situation with two of our children, we just didn’t know anyone we felt could have that relationship with our family. I'm pretty sure you have to have at least 1 godparent but they don't have to be present at the baptism, you can have some other catholic that you know stand in for someone else who is maybe overseas. We actually found godparents for them when they were six and seven. In the early Church the godparents were sponsors who taught the new Christian, usually an adult, about the faith. - This can be done from the first days of the baby’s birth, especially if there is a threat to his life. Therefore, to find godparents to your child can sometimes be very difficult. I … i recently moved to alberta from ontario, thus everyone i know is back home. How to Give Your Baby 'Godparents' Without Being All Religious About It. He will probably have some suggestions or ideas for you to consider. In this case, the cross parent formally will be considered as the priest who performs the Ordinance. It is therefore necessary to ascertain with confidence the fact that the Orthodox churches can be made the baptism of a baby in the absence of godparents. Our content is doctor approved and evidence based, and our community is moderated, lively, and welcoming. Better to have none, than a non-Christian one.